Video... HD Video Recording is now available... I'll post a small video here on this page soon.


I can film your Event, Interview, or Performance and burn DVD's utilizing Final Cut Pro and DVD Pro. Your finished product will be a DVD with chapters, so that you can select your favorite scene to play without having to fast forward through the entire DVD. And... credits can be included... you supply these credit files simply as word text documents that I'll convert to display at the beginning or end of your performance in a variety of methods.  Scroll up or down, scroll across, fade in, fade out...   there are many text display options available.

We can record into HD format and we can burn DVD's with HD product on them... we have not yet made a commitment to blue ray or red laser HD DVD's. Meaning that one hour of performance video will not fit on a single DVD. Short commercials are fine, but longer performances will need to be recorded in or rendered into a standard DVD format.  That might require huge amounts of computer time for processing and converting. You really need to know what your final product video format should be... SD, mpeg1, mpeg2, H264, HD ?