Small School Photography in the Seattle, Bellevue Region... Class and individual portraits. Inside or outside shooting locations. Please be aware that when shooting outside for your class portraits requires a location with as nice a background as possible. Parks and playgrounds work well. Much of the scene will be in sharp focus so watch out for graffiti or conflicting properties. Try to be aware of the suns location for the time of day of the shoot. Side or back lighting is best so that the kids don't have to squint into the sun. Better yet is a very thin high layer of clouds... but I know that we cannot control that part of the job. Individual head shots are much easier than the groups as I have a tent with a scrim to cut down on the direct light of the sun... those outdoor backgrounds however still do change over the coarse of the day... background lighting that is... when shooting outside. In those situations the images will not have a consistent look thru the entire group of individual head shots. Indoors is much easier and is much more consistent for all of the photos. If you have a custom background look that you are trying to achieve, we can work with you to create something to suit your needs. If you have logos that you would like to be included into the group image... we can easily include it on the image with photoshop manipulation.

Please Call for Scheduling your Schools Photo Shoot.