Santa... 2021

Santa is looking for a location...

(After 26 years in Seattle/Bellevue)

We have moved to Jacksonville Florida and now need to

find a new location to start the tradition here!

If you know of a good fit for a real bearded,


big guy with a Red suit.


his Photographer Helper.

Always great photos, and laughs, and hugs

and encouragement from Santa...

To be good, smart,helpful,fun,inquisitive children.

Please let me know!

(904) 326-9488

Tell your friends about us... forward your e-mail from us to your friends.

The web page address for this page is

Please try to come early whereever we are!

Santa will have more time to spend with your child and it will be much more memorable!

Thank you very much for your many years of support!


Michael... John Galt Productions