Product Photography... When shooting commercial products, lighting and fill backgrounds are often not given much thought from the client’s point of view. Just "make the shot look good" directive can take many adjustments and tests and time to produce the final shot. I have included on this page several lighting/background layouts side by side for comparison. White fill, Black fill, and polarizing filter are common helpful directions to have thought of before the shoot. Your product can also be clipped or cut out of/from a background and dropped into any other scene that you might have, or wish to have taken.

(Top)  Beer cans... One with a white colored reflective fill, one with a black colored reflective fill. The white has also had a reflection added to the bottom of the frame.

(Top)  Olive oil... clipped out of its background, added to another image, then text added onto another top layer.

(Top and Left)  Holodeem Machines... an image has been added onto the screen of the machine, graphics have been added to the machine and the image has then been layered over two different digitally altered backgrounds.

(Left and Right)  Palmer Ice Tea... clipped out of its background, the clipped image then is layered over a pure black and a pure white background.

(Bottom)  Baby Corn... White reflective fill and black fill, side by side. Shown with pure black background and pure white background.

(Bottom) Cabinets... White reflective fill and black fill, shown side by side. Both were also photographed with a polarizing filter to enhance wood tones! Clipped out of their backgrounds ready to add to graphics layout.

(Bottom Left/Right) Olive Oils...  typical shots of white reflective fills. Notice the highlights around the entire left/right edges of the product.