John Galt Productions

P.O. Box 85304

Seattle WA 98145-1304

(206) 784-7610 

Compensation Rate for Photography Services:


Photo Services are $100.00 per hour, with a four hour minimum,  some discounts and considerations may be assessed but are given on an individual basis.

I have been shooting digitally for many years now,   so all of my images are captured digitally and may have sizes ranging from 3MB to 500MB depending on file formats and file layers.

I will generally take quite a few shots during a photo session and then review these proofs with the client to choose the best images of the shoot for optimization.

Being that this is digital capture it is very important not to overexpose at all the image on capture.

But the result is, that every image will then need to be optimized for final printing. Sometimes this process is quick and simple but I have found that almost all images will need at least five minutes optimization work on them and most often you can expect a 10-15 minute workflow for more important shots.

Optimization includes color balance,   color saturation,  hue adjustments in critical areas,  cropping,  perspective control and adjustments,  spotting and retouching subject blemishes, opening of the eyes or replacement of the heads,  and selective softening or sharpening.


Event Photography generally requires at least 30 individual commitments to purchase in order to book a date.   Printing of event orders can take place on location or post event. The best workflow is to print after the event and deliver all of the prints to a central individual for distribution. Allow one week for turnaround and delivery.


Compensation Rate for Hardcopy Scanning Services:

Scanning of  8x10 Color or B&W prints.

Also to be color optimized and spotted for dust and image flaws.

Each scan  including some light image work takes about 5 minutes resulting in a 55MB file size.

My rate is $6.00 each….   With a quantity of 100 prints or more



Print and Enlargement costs are as follows:

5x7's...  $15.00

8x10's... $35.00

11x14's... $55.00

16x20's... $115.00

20x30's... $250.00