Nature... While most of the images on this page are of natural subjects, I have made adjustments in the color of the images, or I've fixed the image in Photoshop or generally made a small change to the image that would disqualify it for the strictest camera clubs nature description. I feel that it is my job to make images that look good to me personally and I have no reservations about removing sticks, branches, trash, or other distractions to the subject of the shot. Mostly I am just very patient and keep trying to get better images, so many of these are true nature images with adjustments only to curves and levels (Photoshop).

Quite a few of these images are from Seattle urban areas where there is an abundance of migrating birds passing through the region in the spring... many of them nesting here as well. Lake Washington, Golden Gardens, Marymoor Park, Juanita Park and even Green Lake are sources for my photos. I also take my long lens with me when I travel for other jobs... so San Francisco to Monterey might be recognizable to some of your trained and perceptive eyes. How do I get some of these close-up images? A long lens, chest high waders, patience, and sometimes a boat. I'd like to see these images as postcards depicting the wildlife that is in your urban back yard should you sit still long enough to take notice. So if you'ld like to create some postcards with me... call.