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These first images are a small sampling of that which you will find included within the later pages of this site but definitely do not encompass all of the photography work you will see later on. Each of the linked page subjects has a similar page structure as this first page and most will have Gif Animation slideshows as well as jpg composite images. The pages are all GRAY backgrounds so that you might see any color tint your monitor is introducing into the images. (It is also the most basic way to show when your computer monitor needs calibration). Most of the work that you see is going to be from original digital material. I shoot with Nikon digital cameras. I started with the Nikon D1X many years ago and now I use the Nikon D4. All Cameras have their strengths and weaknesses but my opinion is that Nikon has the best skin tones in the digital camera arena and thus is the best camera for my use as I often shoot people. The D4 is an exceptional digital camera and I am very happy to have the wireless capabilities back on board and attached to the camera! Nikon's D4 has the best color fidality of any camera I have used to date.

The linked pages are:

Aerials.... Photos taken from a helicopter, generally architectural or city shots. They are commonly used for construction archival purposes or for large wall prints and are a source of postcard type shots.

Architectural... Building interiors, exteriors, details and overviews. I might be asked to shoot for archival purposes showing job site development or I might just shoot the final look to use in ads and artwork. I do my work in a color-managed workflow and can help you with CMYK separations and color shifts that are common when going to a four-color press or to print.

Artwork/Reproduction... Reproducing your artwork be it a watercolor an oil painting or a fabric quilt, can be frustrating for an artist. You have a color palette that you use and you might find that reproductions do not look as expected when you get photo prints back or have it published. The reason is that each printer/paper combination has an explicit color gamut it can reproduce and your colors may not be enclosed within these gamut capabilities. Adjustments are needed to change your out of gamut colors to the closest "perceived" color value. Sometimes we can get very close to your spot color and there is virtually an indistinguishable color shift that most people will not visually see or be aware of. But sometimes this is not the case and you then have to make sacrifices with your color values. The thing to keep in mind is that every camera, and every film has a color bias and a specific color capture capability that you may need to make adjustments for in your final output.

Dance... Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz. Toddlers to professionals... This page shows dance teams/groups and individuals images with several backgrounds as well as live performance. HD video capture of the performance is also available... Caution! Blue Ray DVD's are not yet a mainstream consumer product. I can shoot HD video but one hour of HD video will not be contained on a single DVD! If you are a group and want DVD's be sure that everyone can play the same video format... mpeg1, mpeg2, SD, or Blue Ray.

Event... This group of images encompasses many things, Corporate Events, School Dances, Horse Shows, Weddings, Publicity Head Shots, DVD Covers, even Portrait and Family Photography. There are a lot of different image types here... so if you have anything that you might remotely consider an event... this is the page of samples to look at.

Nature... While most of the images on this page are of natural subjects, I have made adjustments in the color of the images, or I've fixed the image in Photoshop or generally made a small change to the image that would disqualify it for the strictest camera clubs nature description. I feel that it is my job to make images that look good to me personally and I have no reservations about removing sticks, branches, trash, or other distractions to the subject of the shot. Mostly I am just very patient and keep trying to get better images, so many of these are true nature images with adjustments only to curves and levels (Photoshop).

Postcards... Anything can be turned into a postcard (Almost) many of these images that have been shot in the Seattle area can be used to represent the Seattle Arboretum, University of Washington, Emerald Downs, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Tacoma. A simple design process is needed to determine border colors, graphics, text on the back, and quantities.

Product... When shooting commercial products, lighting and fill backgrounds are often not given much thought from the client’s point of view. Just "make the shot look good" directive can take many adjustments and tests and time to the photo layout. I have therefore included on this page several lighting/background layouts side by side for comparison. White fill, Black fill, and polarizing filter are common helpful directions to have thought of before the shoot. Your product can also be clipped or cut out of/from a background and dropped into any other scene that you might have, or wish to have taken.

Schools... Class and individual portrait. Inside or outside shooting locations. Please be aware that when shooting outside for your class portraits requires a location with as nice a background as possible. Parks and playgrounds work well. Much of the scene will be in sharp focus so watch out for graffiti, conflicting properties, and try to be aware of the suns location for the time of day of the shoot, side or back lighting is best. Better yet is a very thin high layer of clouds... but I know that we cannot control that part of the job. Individuals are much easier as I have a tent with a scrim to cut down on the direct light of the sun... backgrounds however still do change over the coarse of the day... background lighting that is... when shooting outside. In those situations the images will not have a consistent look thru the entire group of individual shots. Indoors is much easier and is much more consistent for all of the photos. If you have a custom background look that you are trying to achieve we can work with you to create something to suit your needs.

Sports... Team and Individuals. Location for team shot is usually showing net or goal or related equipment that will act as a framing element for the team. Individuals can then be taken at the same location with a tighter crop or a separate location such as the batting box. Indoor locations should have about 20' by 40' for comfortable shooting distances. If you wish to emulate the motion shots that you see on this page of the basketball portraits be aware that it might take a considerably longer amount of time to get these shots depending on the age of the kids participating.

Santa... 2014 Santa Hours and Location as well as sample images. Really the best Santa experience for the kids!

Video... HD Video Recording is now available. I can film your Event, Interview, or Performance and then burn DVD's utilizing Final Cut Pro and DVD Pro for a DVD with chapters and credits etc. I can record into HD format and I can burn DVD's with HD product on them... but I have not yet made a commitment to Blue Ray Burning. Therefore one hour of HD video will not fit on a single DVD. Short commercials are fine, but longer performances will need to be recorded in or rendered into a standard DVD format and that can mean huge amounts of computer time for processing and conversion. You will need to know what your final product video format needs to be... SD, mpeg1, mpeg2, H264, HD,?

Pricing... What I charge for work done.

Reviews... My opinion on equipment that I use.