Dance... Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz. Toddlers to professionals... This page shows dance teams/groups and individuals images as well as live performance. HD video of the performance is also available... Caution! HD DVD's are not yet a mainstream consumer product. I can shoot HD video but one hour of HD video will not be contained on a single DVD! If you are a group and want DVD's be sure that everyone can play the same video format... mpeg1, mpeg2, SD, or HD.

If you wish to create a custom background look with me.... great. I do appreciate the creativity of the theater minds, and I very very much do appreciate good stage lighting! Lighting is really the key to good video, dynamic on the fly camera adjustments for hot spots and black areas of subject performance will not represent the best video capture.

Call me for scheduling times! It is very important to get on the calendar as soon as possible.

And finally... all of my prints are archival, they will withstand exposure to direct sunlight without much consequence or ill effects from fading or color shift. And! My prints are printed in Adobe 98 color space... meaning that I have a much wider range of colors that I can print!