Arena Sports Photography.... Spring Soccer 2017

Issaquah Location Photography Dates: Monday April 24th thru Sunday April 30th

Redmond Location Photography Dates: Monday May 15th thru Sunday May 21st

Photos will be taken at some time during your scheduled class, often during the water break.

Generally at a water break the kids follow their coach to the photo location where we'll have them assemble for their group photo.... Individual photos are only taken as requested. Your Photos can then be picked up at your Arena Sports Location the week following when they were taken. Photos will only be mailed to you if you enclose the $2.00 mailing fee in your order envelope.

Photos will be delivered back to Arena Sports for distribution to you.... generally the week after the photo dates.

If you would like to have an individual photo taken or if you would like to have the group photo for your home album... please fill out an order envelope which you will find on the table in the photo area and have your child stay for his/her individual photo right after the team photo is taken. Or... bring your child back at the end of the class for an individual photo. Payment should be enclosed within the order envelope on the day of the photo.

Other Sports Photography you might like to take a look at are...  Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Cheer, Track and Field. Locations for your team shots are usually showing a net or goal or related equipment in the background that will act as a framing element for the team. Individuals can then be taken at the same location with a tighter crop or a separate location such as the batting box. Indoor locations should have about 20' by 40' for comfortable shooting distances. If you wish to emulate the motion shots that you see on this page of the basketball portraits be aware that it might take a considerably longer amount of time to get these shots depending on the age of the kids participating. Minimum of twenty participants is necessary.