Aerial Photography.... Photos taken from a Helicopter, generally architectural or city shots. They are commonly used for construction archival purposes or for large wall prints and are a source of postcard type shots.

I have flown thousands of hours in a helicopter taking photos so I know how to use the expensive flight time efficiently and effectively. Costs generally start at about $600.00 for less than one hours flight time and one unframed print sized up to 14"x21". In a helicopter we can obviously get much closer to your photographic target and certainly have better perspective control than fixed wing planes. Weather is always a factor for shooting, and time of year might be critical as well. The best times of year for those "Beauty Shots" are Spring when the trees and plants are fresh and green, and then again in the Fall when leaves are in color. All of my prints are Archival Giclee and do not fade much when exposed to direct sunlight like the old fashioned silver papers and dyes that is even still used by many photo labs today.

FAA Drone licensed pilot.... so now I am able to go at a moments notice to our site and fly the drone and cature images and video.

Sunlight position is still always a factor to consider for the best images, but since I am not in a helicopter for most shoots these days I can come back at variing hours to get the best images.